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Baazigar – Week 23 : Shillong

(Edit: This is the last post after 23 weeks of intense travel across India. To know how it all began, read this! It is an achievement to have actually completed

Baazigar – Week 22 : Tawang

The distance from Guwahati to Tawang is about 550 kilometers. I have often traveled more than 1000 kilometers in a single day with multiple changes in the mode of transport. But 550 kilometers is just a number

Baazigar – Week 21 : Guwahati

Guwahati is called the ‘City of Eastern Light’ – probably named by some fuddy-duddy, Raj era British officer or historian. The Assam of the British era has a slightly different

Baazigar – Week 20 : Gangtok

When one hails from a city like Bombay, niceness, courteousness, and soft-speech are things one has never had to deal with. This goes deeper than we realize. Niceness or lack

Baazigar – Week 19 : Patna

The villages of early civilization came up next to rivers as they provided water for the villages and fertility for the fields. Then the temple became the standard unit found

Baazigar – Week 18 : Ranchi

Do you ever pay attention to those other people at the Filmfare and IIFA awards ceremonies - the editors, singers, cinematographers, etc? The camera never pans out to them. When

Baazigar – Week 17 : Kolkata (Calcutta)

I love yellow. Always have. I get drawn to yellow sweatshirts in apparel stores and aspire to drive sexy yellow cars. There have been girlfriends and bosses who have discouraged

Baazigar - Week 16 : Ajmer & Jaipur Litfest

The moment to write this blog post has passed. I have had a dose of a much more powerful drug since I left from Jaipur to come to Ahmedabad 3