The Red Building of Dreams

You deserve success. After the endless amount of hurdles you have crossed, you deserve to land at the best B-school. But imagine missing out on the last date of the form just because you had some emergency. Now you don’t want that. So don’t wait for the last date. The registrations for FMS Delhi are currently open and will close on Nov 15. FMS Delhi: Most number of dreams realized per sq. feet As aspirants, we all have dreams. We always want an opportunity. And FMS is the place where opportunities shower. All you need is the will to catch whatever you have always wanted.  


Student faculty ratio of 1:7 is one of the lowest in the country making the learning highly interactive. All the permanent faculty members are PhDs. The faculty is also involved in various consultancy programmes and MDPs.  Finance enthusiasts would be happy to know that in 2012 FMS became the third B-school to be equipped with Bloomberg terminals. Our finance lab has 12 of these Bloomberg terminals to facilitate applied research in financial markets (the value of which you’ll understand once you make it here- it’s a boon!)  


What’s an MBA without networking? FMS is a 61 year-old B-school with an alumni base that spans across all kinds of industries (from top CEOs to National Award winning filmmakers), FMS gives you an opportunity to interact with such amazing individuals and learn from them and be one of them.  


Ever felt like you wish you knew how you could ask the more relevant questions about the real world problems of this nation to the right people? FMS regularly conducts various panel discussions where students get to be a part of conversations that are about changing the world around us with imminent personalities. Just 4 months into FMS and we’ve met and interacted with people like Dr. Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Mr. Arun Jaitley, Dr. Raghuram Rajan to name a few. Being in the heart of Delhi and being privileged to be in one of the best schools for management in the country, we let go of no opportunity to participate at such forums.  


Being in the National Capital of a country like India, gives you an opportunity to the best possible live projects and corporate competitions in the country. We greatly benefit from this as we get to visit organizations for conducting research as part of our curriculum and travel to the outskirts for rural stints as well.  

Placements and Entrepreneurship

Do you know about the ROI at FMS? Of course, you do. Did you know that FMS helps its students in entrepreneurial ventures and organizes Base Camps and E-summits to bring together potential investors and the brightest minds of the country right here in this Red Building? Guidance+ Mentorship+ Funding (yes, even if you’re in your first year!) If you have a great idea, FMS helps you to make it come true. Really. That’s not it. Have you heard about FMS’ Placement Holiday policy? Have a dream? Want to pursue it but don’t want to let go of the opportunity to work for some of the biggest brands in the world? No worries. You can do both. If one signs up for the Placement Holiday, one may pursue their entrepreneurial venture and sit for the final placements within the next two years of graduation if things go south. All the more reason why this place is truly the Red Building of Dreams, isn’t it?  

The Big Things in Small Packets Theory

What’s really fantastic about the building physically, is that it’s not spread across many acres, and occupies very little space on the grounds of North Campus. Here’s where the Big Things in Small Packets theory comes into play. You will always run into some batch mate or senior or professor on your way to anywhere on campus. In the MBA world where competition forces people to hone their own skills and focus on individualistic development, the Red Building brings them together physically which thus leads to the legendary camaraderie. This small package hosts world’s future leaders and game-changers. If you’re wondering about the facilities around campus, we have the whole of Delhi University at our disposal. Whether you are looking for a library, a gymnasium or a sports complex, you have it here. Elysium, the annual sports fest is held in the best of the venues (many of them prepared for international athletic meets like the Commonwealth Games) that DU has to offer and we continue to have an access to them throughout the year as well. The Patel Chest Auditorium and the University Conference Centre house the larger meetings for us.  

Changes in Admission Criteria

With the changing pattern of CAT, FMS has slightly changed its criteria. But no need to worry, first stage shortlist will only be based on CAT. FMS Delhi will award the highest weightage of 40% to VARC section in its shortlisting criteria for MBA 2016-18 batch while the other 2 sections on Quant and DILR will have an equal weightage of 30%. In the final selection process, female candidates will be awarded 3% extra marks to promote gender diversity. All the hardwork in the past few months will be put to test very soon. We are sure you are going to give your best shot and not give in to the pressure. Believe in greater things, and believe in yourself. Your dreams are waiting for you at the Red Building.