5 Entrepreneurs at FMS Delhi : Class of 2013

We wish all the best to the daredevils from the campus in Delhi!

Yash Kataruka

Hailing from a family that has had a history of entrepreneurship and value creation, Yash came to FMS motivated to gain the requisite skills and abilities to manage a business in the medium term. Armed with prior work experience in a SME he focussed his efforts on diverse fields of Marketing, Operations and Strategy while at the institute and also served as Executive Member of the Marketing Society. Courses on Entrepreneurship, various seminars & discussions as well the opportunities at FMS to work on live projects with SMEs reinforced his confidence and resolve to forego the on-campus placement opportunities and focus on self-owned business development. He is currently exploring opportunities in the Industrial Packaging industry and is in process of establishing a start-up in this domain.


Having had diverse experiences working in a telecommunications major in the Philippines, a blue chip semiconductor manufacturer and one of the largest banking institutions in the world Ishaan decided his true calling lay in doing business.

Being an entrepreneur would call for a different work ethic, a different set of challenges and an exposure to all aspects of management and it is this that attracted Ishaan to avail of the Placement Holiday at FMS. Moreover, in his opinion, there can be no greater learning in his work life than that gained in business from his father which made this decision of his even more simpler.

Having gained the necessary theoretical background as well as soft skills improvement that an MBA from a premier institute as FMS Delhi provides, he is ready to take the plunge and be the next generation in a family business aspiring to carve his own niche in the firm and further improve its growth trajectory.


Having had entrepreneurial ambitions almost all his life, an MBA from a premier institute like FMS Delhi was the perfect breeding ground for developing a sound business perspective. Having had an interest in the visual art forms especially photography and filmmaking, Vivek dabbled in these along with his studies at FMS. Vivek along with a few of his friends converted this passion for filmmaking into a profitable business venture by starting up their corporate filmmaking company called Videowala. Having bagged almost a dozen projects in the last 4 months, Vivek is really looking forward to finding a niche In the tremendously growing field of corporate audio-visual communication which includes advertisements, social media presence, biographies, tutorials and training videos.

Ravi Manoram

Ravi Manoram started his own proprietorship post his engineering from Delhi College Of Engineering launching a series of portals but as he had no background in the world of business and belonging to a service class family he felt the need to get some business education. He thus joined the MBA program at FMS post which he is able to structure his business better and create a better service offering for the clients. Now he is offering a complete ‘digital presence’ package to his clients and already has 3 clients while studying at FMS only. The changing business landscape and the increasing broadband penetration is going to lead a flutter of .com entrepreneurs once again and Ravi plans to lead the pack  offering complete digital solutions in a fast growing market.

Parth Goyal

Coming from a business family, Parth had always aspired to be an Entrepreneur. Pursuing MBA from FMS, Delhi brought him one step closer to his goal. The question was always about when and not if. Being the President of Entrepreneurship Cell at FMS,Delhi he got an opportunity to interact with many entrepreneurs and subsequently his question of when was answered. He opted for the placement holiday and has started working on a venture along with 2 of his school mates which deals in Healthcare service industry which is one of the fastest growing sectors in India. Going Forward, he hopes to utilize the management skills he has acquired in FMS,Delhi to make his venture a success.

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