Sanksriti 4.0 at IIM Trichy – Battle of The Sections

Sanskriti 2015 – A War was fought. Amidst sleepless nights and jam-packed schedules, the students of IIM Trichy managed to conjure up a show so stunning that it was really a Battle of Entertainment rather than the purported Battle of Sections. The participants from both sections danced their hearts out while basking in the limelight, spreading smiles and making memories.

A dazzling event with students bringing out their best in events such as Dance, Play, Battle of the Bands, singing; it was a Battle Royale with students trying to push the boundaries of creativity and take their section to the top, be the winner of Sanskriti – The Battle of the Sections!

There were other associated events such as Photography and a Video Making contest alongside the Fashion Show, which had all the glitz and glamour, based on interesting themes, redefining the concept of a stage show.

Section A proved its mettle by winning in a variety of categories such as Music and Videography. It was neck to neck competition with marginal wins by Section B in the Fashion Show, Skit and Photography events. Section B responded by winning the Dance competition with an amazingly choreographed sequence, taking the pole position and were declared the winners of Sanskriti 4.0!

The memories of Sanksriti remain close to the participants from both Sections till they fight it out again to get the glory of victory over the other – The Battle of Sections will commence again next year!