India’s Most Desirable Business Schools – InsideIIM MBA Rankings 2019

IIM Calcutta beats IIM Bangalore. IIM Lucknow loses out to both FMS and XLRI Jamshedpur. ISB and NMIMS see a massive drop. Second generation IIMs still have miles to go before they break into the top tier.

Presenting to you InsideIIM’s Brand Perception Rankings among CAT takers of 2018 and those who will take CAT 2019.

When it comes to setting business school aspirations, rankings of the top MBA colleges in India are the most influential in helping MBA aspirants make up their minds. While many credible rankings such Financial Times’ Global MBA Rankings & MHRD’s NIRF are based on weights attached to various factors, ultimately, it boils down to one crucial factor – brand equity.

Brand equity, or brand perception, is a confluence of every single factor that matters while selecting a business school – from placements to selection criteria, everything has an impact on how the brand of a business school is perceived by the most important stakeholders in this regard – MBA aspirants.

In 2018, we decided to home-on to this often neglected factor in B-school selection, and released the list of India’s Most Desirable Business Schools – a list that brought with it overwhelming appreciation for simplifying the goal-setting process for MBA aspirants. And we’re back in 2019 with this year’s Most Desirable B-Schools.


  1. Methodology adopted for rankings.
  2. India’s Most Desirable B-Schools 2019
  3. India’s Top MBA Institutes | Ranks 1-15
  4. India’s Top MBA Institutes | Ranks 16-30
  5. India’s Top MBA Institutes | Ranks 31-40


To establish these rankings of the top MBA colleges in India, we adopted the opinion survey format of data collection. We floated a questionnaire to our aspirant user-base which simply asked them to rank MBA institutes across India on a scale of 1-10. We then computed average scores per institute to reveal the most desirable business schools.

InsideIIM has not factored in any other components such as RoI, Batch Size, Fees, Location etc. to compute the mean scores of these institutes. The scores are purely based on brand perception.

India’s Most Desirable Business Schools – 2019

top 45 mba colleges in India

*Third Generation IIMs include – IIM Nagpur, IIM Jammu, IIM Sirmaur, IIM Sambalpur, IIM Amritsar, IIM Visakhapatnam, and IIM Bodh Gaya.

Note – MBA aspirants, while choosing a business school to join or set as a goal, are majorly driven by the brand value and RoI of B-schools, as data suggest from our report on  Factors Important To MBA Aspirants While Selecting A Business School. Rankings for the top MBA colleges in India are likely to be driven by these crucial factors and therefore are a true reflection of the brand perception of the institutes listed in this report.

View previous year’s rankings here.

The Top MBA Colleges In India – 2019 | Rank 1 to 15

Important Highlights

  • IIMs Ahmedabad, Calcutta and Bangalore are the top-3 most desirable management institutes of the country – as expected. The ‘holy trinity’ of IIMs are globally recognised as some of the finest management institutes. IIM Calcutta, for the second consecutive year, has been ranked higher than IIM Bangalore, albeit by a minute fraction.
  • FMS Delhi has yet again ranked higher than XLRI, and along with the Jamshedpur-based institute is among the Top-5 business schools in India, in 2019. FMS has an edge over XLRI in terms of the brilliant Return on Investment that the institute has to offer – in Rs. 21,000, you can pursue a 2-year MBA course and get placed in the world’s leading companies!
  • The Indian School of Business, which is effectively the most highly ranked business school when put in context of management education across the globe, has slipped tremendously from 7th place in 2018 to 12th place in 2019. This can majorly be attributed to the fact that ISB hiked its fees to Rs. 34+ lakhs for its incoming PGP Class of 2020, and the value for money is severely diminished for a business school that offers only a 1-year programme as compared to its IIM counter-parts. In fact, ISB alumni themselves have questioned the ISB administration around the increasing fees, and the ballooning batch size and its implication on quality dilution and placements. For MBA aspirants, perhaps the fact that ISB only accepts scores of expensive exams like GRE and GMAT and does not accept CAT scores diminishes the desirability of the institute.
  • Institutes such as TISS Mumbai and JBIMS feature high-up in this list primarily for the Return on Investment that they offer. An MMS degree from JBIMS costs almost 1/4th of the exorbitant fees charged by the likes of IIM Ahmedabad, while TISS Mumbai costs 1/10th of what IIM Ahmedabad charges for an MBA while providing placements that, more-often-than-not, exceed expectations. TISS has improved upon its rankings and features in the Top-15 most desirable business schools of the country in 2019.
  • As compared to the rankings of 2018, NITIE Mumbai has slipped out of the Top-15 to the 18th position, having been replaced by TISS Mumbai. Perhaps the non-engineer janata has voted out the ‘Gem for GEMs’ in favour of TISS, which accepts candidates from all streams.
India’s Best-15 Management Colleges – MBA Rankings 2019
Rank In 2018 Rank In 2019 Names of Business Schools
1 1 IIM Ahmedabad
2 2 IIM Calcutta
3 3 IIM Bangalore
4 4 FMS Delhi
5 5 XLRI Jamshedpur
6 6 IIM Lucknow
8 7 IIM Kozhikode
9 8 IIM Indore
11 9 SPJIMR Mumbai
10 10 IIFT Delhi
12 11 JBIMS Mumbai
7 12 ISB Hyderabad/Mohali
13 13 MDI Gurgaon
14 14 IIM Shillong
17 15 TISS Mumbai

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The Top MBA Colleges In India – 2019 | Rank 16 to 30

Important Highlights

  • SIBM Pune has marginally missed out on the Top-15 club, and is one of the most desirable management institutes that has created a strong brand presence for itself in the minds of aspirants. SIBM offers a lavish campus, a small batch size, and a plethora of industry recruiters that hire from the Lavale-based campus. However, all of this comes at a price – Rs. 20.35 lakhs to be precise. SIBM Pune is the 6th most expensive business school in this report, and this is perhaps why it has missed out on the Top-10 and Top-15 spot. Despite this, SIBM Pune has significantly improved its rankings by rising up from the 22nd position to almost the 15th position in 2019.
  • MBA aspirants, who perhaps missed out on an IIT seat in undergrad, want the prestigious IIT brand to feature on their CVs, as is clear from these rankings. The IITs, especially SJMSoM IIT Bombay, have ranked even higher than second generation IIMs. Between the IIT vs IIM brand wars, there is a clear victor.
  • IIFT Kolkata, which was established over 4 decades after the Delhi institute, has become one of the most desirable management institutes of the country in 2019, ranked higher than even the IIMs, and featuring among the Top-20 business schools of India. A large part of this fame can be attributed to the clever amalgamation of the two B-schools under 1 overarching ‘IIFT’ brand – the Kolkata institute does not have its own website or even its own Facebook page! Even the placements process at IIFT Delhi and Kolkata is common, and so are the faculty!
  • The second-generation IIMs have missed the mark when it comes to brand positioning. None of them feature in even the Top-20, and IIM Kashipur is ranked below even the third generation “baby” IIMs. These results, which have almost been duplicated for 2 consecutive years, beg the question – have these new IIMs diluted the IIM brand, or is it perhaps too early to comment on this, considering that even the so-called “old” IIMs also took decades to create a strong brand positioning?
  • NMIMS Mumbai has slipped in rankings, falling from 18th position to 24th position in 2019. NMIMS is the 7th most expensive business school in this report and has the largest batch-size as well. Even though in 2018, there was a hint of NMIMS reducing its batch size, that has not materialised. This has adversely affected the rankings of the institute in 2019.
India’s Best Colleges For MBA – MBA Rankings 2019 | Rank 16 – 30
Rank In 2018 Rank In 2019 Names of Business Schools
22 16 SIBM Pune
16 17 SJMSoM IIT Bombay
15 18 NITIE Mumbai
19 19 IIFT Kolkata
21 20 DoMS IIT Delhi
20 21 IIM Ranchi
24 22 IIM Trichy
25 23 IIM Udaipur
18 24 NMIMS Mumbai
23 25 IIM Rohtak
26 26 IIM Raipur
34 27 Third Generation IIMs
13 28 IIM Kashipur
29 29 MICA Ahmedabad
30 DoMS IIT Roorkee


The Best MBA Colleges In India – 2019 | Rank 31 to 40

India’s Top B-School – MBA Rankings 2019 | Rank 31 – 46
Rank In 2018 Rank In 2019 Names of Business Schools
28 31 VGSoM IIT Kharagpur
31 32 SCMHRD Pune
33 33 IMT Ghaziabad
30 34 DoMS IIT Madras
32 35 XIMB
42 37 Great Lakes Institute of Management
43 38 IMI New Delhi
44 39 TAPMI Manipal

Here’s a consolidated list of the aforementioned schools with their respective fees and batch-size.

Note – The data for B-school fees is the latest that could be obtained from the institutes’ respective websites.

Top MBA Colleges In India With Fee Structure & Seats – MBA Rankings 2019

Rank Desirability Score (Out of 10) Names of Business Schools     Ownership B-School Fees Batch Size (Class of 2020)
1 9.505 IIM Ahmedabad Government ₹23,00,000 399
2 9.459 IIM Calcutta Government ₹21,00,000 463
3 9.449 IIM Bangalore Government ₹21,00,000 430
4 9.378 FMS Delhi Government ₹21,000 231
5 9.311 XLRI Jamshedpur Private ₹23,00,000 364
6 8.915 IIM Lucknow Government ₹14,16,000 451
7 8.89 IIM Kozhikode Government ₹17,50,000 422
8 8.657 IIM Indore Government ₹16,00,000 624
9 8.551 SPJIMR Mumbai Private ₹16,00,000 238
10 8.498 IIFT Delhi Government ₹17,82,000 173
11 8.357 JBIMS Mumbai Government ₹600,000 136
12 8.258 ISB Hyderabad/Mohali* Private ₹34,63,240 887
13 8.201 MDI Gurgaon Private ₹21,34,000 359
14 7.53 IIM Shillong** Government 179
15 7.265 TISS Mumbai Government ₹2,38,600 62
16 7.226 SIBM Pune Private ₹20,35,000 180
17 7.18 SJMSoM IIT Bombay Government ₹3,55,400 115
18 7.17 NITIE Mumbai** Government 241
19 7.117 IIFT Kolkata Government ₹17,82,000 153
20 7.099 DoMS IIT Delhi Government ₹8,80,000 108
21 6.968 IIM Ranchi Government ₹17,77,000 255
22 6.89 IIM Trichy** Government 186
23 6.746 IIM Udaipur Government ₹13,67,420 263
24 6.664 NMIMS Mumbai Private ₹18,50,000 630
25 6.562 IIM Rohtak Government ₹12,73,000 231
26 6.53 IIM Raipur Government ₹12,61,200 209
27 6.512 Third Generation IIMs Government
28 6.452 IIM Kashipur Government ₹13,15,200 256
29 6.11 MICA Ahmedabad** Private 180
30 5.908 DoMS IIT Roorkee* Government ₹9,21,760 77
31 5.898 VGSoM IIT Kharagpur** Government 126
32 5.753 SCMHRD Pune Private ₹17,42,800 297
33 5.703 IMT Ghaziabad Private ₹17,50,000 500
34 5.696 DoMS IIT Madras* Government ₹8,00,000 65
35 5.131 XIMB Private ₹21,06,000 364
36 4.488 KJSIMSR Private ₹17,68,300 380
37 4.424 Great Lakes Institute of Management* Private ₹18,02,000 119
38 4.406 IMI Delhi Private ₹16,95,400 236
39 4.399 TAPMI Manipal Private ₹16,90,000 478
40 4.389 SIMSREE* Government ₹1,38,000 159

*For DoMS IIT Roorkee, DoMS IIT Madras, SIMSREE, and Great Lakes Institute of Management, and ISB Hyderabad, the batch-size figures are for the Class of 2019. 

**Credible data for B-school fees of IIM Shillong, IIM Trichy, NITIE, MICA and VGSoM was not available.

Full Disclosure – IMT Ghaziabad, MICA Ahmedabad, and KJSIMSR are Business School Partners with InsideIIM.

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Team InsideIIM

It’s possible that your own ranking does not match our survey. All we can say is that this represents the brand equity created by these schools among Aspirants who have taken CAT in 2018 or will take in 2019.

Amandeep .

Talking about your “TOP MBA COLLEGES” survey, most of the private colleges provide PG Diploma Courses , not MBA. So, Choose your words and questionnaire carefully.

Team InsideIIM

We will check this and rectify if necessary. We are using information available on the website.

Team InsideIIM

Unfortunately, GIM was not part of the survey. We cannot comment on its rank since we did not have it as a question in the survey. We may incorporate it next year.

Team InsideIIM

Hi Sameer, You are right. We didn’t add IRMA in the survey questionnaire. We may incorporate it next year.

Ashwin Likhar

Because their survey methodology is like, ‘Salman has the biggest fan base that’s why he is the best actor’.

Team InsideIIM

Hi Akshay,
These are Brand perceptions. Do also remember that both NITIE and SJMSoM offer roles which are very domain focussed. Schools like TISS, MICA, NITIE often suffer in many perception rankings because of their branding around specific domains. It makes them less appealing to the overall pool of Aspirants.

subhajit roy

The rankings are very much true except for 2 colleges i think.One is sibm pune and 2nd is vgsom.Sibm should be a bit down the list and vgsom should be a bit up the list.

Ashwin Likhar

How were you able to rank a category of B-school ( 3rd gen IIM ) with individual Institutes /universities ?

Team InsideIIM

3rd Gen IIMs are too new and are yet to create an individual identity. There is very little data available yet about each of them individually for aspirants to have different perceptions about each. Maybe in a couple of years we will ask them to be rated individually.


@Team InsideIIM, while publishing results, it would be a good practice to add the questionnaire form/link. Whats the issue if you are confident and presenting results in open platform where many aspiring candidate decisions can be influenced?

Prash Mal

This kind of Survey is biased. We can easily see the consensus from other guys passing out from top institutes here :

1. ISB is RANK #3 and comparable to IIM A on international platforms
2. Boconi and Athena have paid you ? Since there are top Colleges like SDMIMD Mysore, GIM Goa, BIMTECH which are excluded from your survey !!!!
3. Mind you , you are playing with lives of millions of students and presenting wrong data to companies. This is as good as illegal.

Team InsideIIM

1. These are Brand perceptions of MBA aspirants on
2. Bocconi and Athena are/were partner schools with and hence were added in the list. We will add more schools going forward in the survey.
3. The data presented in this survey is completely based on brand perception of each b-school which is very clearly mentioned in the article.

Hope this helps you get a better idea of the rankings.

raghav khanna

Hi team,
Just a minor correction – While the website is common for IIFT Delhi & Kolkata campus, which makes sense since all the courses are common for both the campuses. However, the Kolkata & Delhi campuses have a few events that are exclusive to each other.

To effectively cover all these events, the Media Committee maintains a separate Facebook page for the Kolkata campus – IIFT Kolkata Reflections –

All events happening under the name of brand IIFT are covered on either the official Facebook page or the IIFT Kolkata Reflections page.

Gaurav Kumar

Hello team Insideiim thnx for this list but can u provide another list of these 50 in which u provide fees and average salary of these b-schools only according to their rank in a single list like this one…plzzz…

Rohit Suri

Haha.. true.. an awesome job.. these guys are coming up with this long lost methodology again. No way isb below iim i/k/l?? Mdi below iim i/k/iift ? Really? It seems its been paid by bocconi/athena.. time to junk this portal for good.

ad iyer

I am planning to do executive full time MBA. Can you please let me know about the colleges and it’s details?.