10 Stories By MBA Students And Alumni That You Must Read On Women’s Day

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we asked the women of top b-schools across India to highlight their achievements, views on feminism, the #MeToo campaign and their perception of gender inequality in our country. Here are some of the most interesting stories –

    1. “Through #MeToo Campaign, Social Media Has Democratised Feminism” – Celebrating Womanhood At IIM Ahmedabad – Shuchi Agrawal hails from a relatively small town in Rajasthan and has found a home at IIM A for the next two years. Her female icon is Indira Gandhi and she has a quite a strong opinion on the #metoo campaign, feminism, and everyday sexism. Check out her story here.
    2. “We Are After All Not Just Pretty Faces” – Celebrating Womanhood At SJMSOM Mumbai – Yes, women are more than just pretty faces. And in this article, Sharmistha from SJMSOM discusses that and how feminism isn’t only about gender inequality, it’s about humanism. Check out her story here.
    3. “We Are In The 21st Century, And No Half Of The Society Should Face Inequality” – Celebrating Womanhood At IIM Rohtak – Krishna Agarwal from IIM Rohtak feels strongly about inequality of any sort. We are in the 21st Century, after all. Krishna’s female icon is J K Rowling and appreciates the strong, independent female characters in books. Read her story here.
    4. In Spite Of The World Clipping Off Their Wings, They Fight With Their Claws – Celebrating Womanhood At XUB – Why should boys have all the fun? In this story, Devina Das from XIMB asked this question and believes that no matter how many campaigns on harassment take place, no real change may come unless there are policies around it. Check out her story here.
    5. “It Is Not Just About Asking One To ‘Respect Women’ But Also Doing Away With Stereotypes” – Celebrating Womanhood At XIMB – There are things that get really overshadowed in this truly distracted world. According to Aparna from XIMB, campaigns like #metoo are essential in bringing issues to the forefront. Check out her story here.
    6. It’s Critical To Make Sure Our Voices Are Heard In The Right Corridors And Offices” – Celebrating Womanhood – It all comes down to the speaking up. Nanditha Kini from SPJIMR, in this story, talks about how important it is for one to speak up against the wrongs, and the impact is that as a woman, the importance of communicating with each other, and having a strong network of women – friends, family and colleagues, is critical to make sure our voices are heard in the right corridors and offices has been enunciated most. Check out her story here.
    7. Every Woman Out There Deserves The Right To Make Their Choice And Decision – Celebrating Equality At KJ SIMSR – The biggest issue humans have is the constant need to tell people how to live their life, what to do, what not to do, take decisions on their behalf instead of focusing on how they should lead their lives themselves. Ananya talks about this and more in her story here.
    8. “I Hope To Be Able To Set An Example For The Women Of My Town” – Celebrating Womanhood At MDI Gurgaon – Vidisha from MDI Gurgaon – As an MBA student, an issue Vidisha has constantly faced is being accused of having it easy because of the gender diversity factor that is taken into consideration during admissions. What do you think of it? Check out her story here.
    9. “I Would Love To Teach Young Girls And Hope To Make Them Independent” – Celebrating Womanhood At IIM Ahmedabad – Rashmi believes that it’s the society that shapes a child’s opinions and behaviours. The best way to inculcate values of gender equality in a child would be to bring them up knowing no difference between a boy and a girl; and that a girl can do whatever a boy can/wishes to do and vice versa. Check out her story here.
    10. “Equality Between Genders Should Just Be A Natural State”- Celebrating Womanhood at InsideIIM – Konversations – This one is closer to home. Miti Vaidya is an XLRI Jamshedpur alumna and currently a Core Team Member and a Product Manager of Konversations. She believes that equality between genders should just be a natural state and wishes there was no need to explain feminism to a 10-year-old. Read her story here.

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