FMS Delhi – Final Placements – Class Of 2019

Highlights as per the FMS Placement Report 2019:

  1. The final placements for FMS Delhi were concluded with 100% placements for the participating 198 students.
  2. Average CTC – INR 23.2 LPA
  3. Median CTC – INR 21.2 LPA
  4. Average CTC for Top 100 – INR 27 LPA
  5. Average CTC for Women – INR 25 LPA
  6. Highest CTC – INR 48 LPA
  7. Number of students receiving CTC>20LPA – 68%

Offer Distribution across Domains:
– Consulting- 18.1%
– Finance- 15.6%
– General Management- 13.6%
– IT/E-com/ Operations- 27.27%
– Marketing- 25.25%

FMS Delhi Placements 2019 - Companies: BFSI


FMS Delhi Placements 2019 - Companies: E-commerce, IT, Operations


FMS Delhi Placements Report 2019 - Companies: Sales & Marketing


FMS Delhi Placements Report 2019 - Companies: Start Ups


FMS Delhi Placements Report 2019 - Companies: Consulting, General Management, Strategy


FMS Delhi Placements Report 2019 - Final Statistics

Placement Cell FMS Delhi

Established in 1954, FMS has been a pioneer in India offering management education. FMS has the unique advantage of being a premier β€˜B-school’ in a University milieu and in the national capital, thus offering valuable opportunities for our students in interdisciplinary learning and to undertake live projects from national/ international organisations. FMS is proud of a long list of illustrious alumni. It has rich legacy and history of producing World Class Business Leaders who are ranking stalwarts in Top MNCs across the globe.




It would be helpful for aspirants if the FMS team could clarify which of these firms *participated* but did not make offers. For example, McKinsey made zero offers at FMS this year.


It’s common knowledge on FMS campus and within the MBB circles. If you’d like to dispute that, provide the name and LinkedIn profile of anyone who got an offer and we will validate with the company. We will also check the LinkedIn profile of that person in 3 months.


Shreyans – can you at least confirm to the community what *roles* McKinsey *actually made offers* for? No one cleared the Partner round for the Junior Associate role so kindly clarify what roles any offers were for.


FMS frenz why no one is answering this question??? Feels thoda suspicious. Pls come out with truth. My cousin at MDI said Digital McKensey came to their campus for tech role. Same at FMS kya?

Uttam Gulshan

So, you believe whatever your chahcha ke bhateeje ke foofa ka beta says to you but you can’t believe that McKinsey offered the same role in FMS!!!


Team InsideIIM – how is this report verified when there are clear discrepancies and misleading information. For example it is common knowledge at FMS and outside that McKinsey made zero offers at FMS this year. Kindly either list this report as ‘unverified’ or ask FMS to show proof that the firms listed actually made offers – and didn’t just *participate*


Wonderful – can you please publicly share this batch profile you refer to – and point our community to the names of anyone who got offers from McKinsey or Bain & Company? You’ve asked us to ‘skim through the batch profile and check for everyone’s employer’ – why don’t you do us a service and give us the link?


Better than a Placement Committee member hiding under the cloak of misleading and incomplete information. Placement Committees at every business school mislead the outside world with their placement reports – don’t worry, you’re not the first kid to do this.

Team InsideIIM

FMS has shared the names of the hires and the number and hence the report is verified.


Can you kindly share the names of who has been hired by McKinsey? Contacts in the company have clearly said no one cleared the final Partner round at FMS. We will also validate directly with the company. It’s not an unreasonable request – along with Linkedin verification in a few months.


Has FMS also clarified whether Bain or Bain Capability Center recruited? And the names of the people who got offers? Would love to validate that also with the company.


Contacts within McKinsey have confirmed that no FMS student cleared the final Partner round for the Junior Associate role. Can you or the FMS Placement Committee confirm what roles McKinsey hired for? Was it an implementation consultant role like SP Jain? Team InsideIIM – even if the FMS team plays hide and seek with you and the community here, in a few months we will all find out the truth – anyone who joins McKinsey puts it on their public Linkedin profile and we will also check internally within McKinsey on specific role – we need to hold Placement Committees accountable.

Prince Jain

Can I ask you, why are you so interested in knowing the name of the recruit? Though I being from the current 2019 batch can confirm that McK hired from FMS this time. Also it is Bain, which recruited and not BCC


He/She is probably from IIM K, Bain/Mc kinsey visited this year and is hyper excited that these companies actually visited his/her campus (Considering they don’t have any other big name to show up). I don’t think this guy/girl belongs to any MBB, or in case that is true he/she most probably just joined and is organizing team events and parties because he/she probably does not have anything else to do. During free time he/she comes in here to do BS. Probably going to be kicked out soon and the campus cut from the list πŸ˜€


Rahul Saini from IIM Ranchi (Retro) – IIM Ranchi is obviously not keeping you busy. I’m actually from IIMA and work at one of the MBB and recruit extensively from the top campuses. But that’s irrelevant. You are unable to provide any counter to any of the facts I’ve put forward but instead just make random comments on various posts, that add zero substance to the discussion. Technically that’s called trolling πŸ™‚
Why don’t you also tell us why you have a big inferiority complex about IIM K with all your trolling on their placement report πŸ™‚


πŸ™‚ Great! Looks like you have a lot to do at MBB. Can you give me your real name? Give me also a chance to check with my “Sources” where you come from. Going by the replies to my trolling here, I think you are being too modest. You seem to be from HBS and and working as a founder member for some super hot startup in the US.
And yeah, just like you are discussing a “non topic” here as if the whole world wants to get into MBB (Mind you it is MBB India πŸ™‚ ), I want to discuss some discrepancies in their report so that the aspirants are better informed.