MDI Gurgaon Interview Experience – 2018

MDI Gurgaon

Institute of Hotel Management, Dadar, Mumbai.

12th March’18

Slot – 9:00 AM

CAT Percentile: 98.44


10th: 84.67 (RBSE)

12th: 74.77 (RBSE)

Graduation: 7.78 – Electronics and Communication Engineering-NIT Trichy

Work Exp: 30 Months-Automobile Sector

WAT Topic: Security Cameras and Privacy

Time: 15 Mins and Word Limit: 150 Words

(Wrote about the use of security cameras in various fields like Close Circuit Cameras at Border to prevent the infiltration and the data generated by these cameras can be used for the strategic purpose and use of security cameras in the investigation process. Conclude with the cameras are an essential part of security and proper use of Security Cameras are not a threat to privacy.)

GD: Same topic for GD

Time: 15 Mins

(Spoke about the use of Security cameras in various fields and in investigation process like Gauri Lankesh Murder case. Mention the Supreme Court directive to install the cameras in Courts. Spoke about the European Data Protection Law and BN Srikrishna committee for the data protection.)

Interview Process:

There were 5 Panels and 12 people per panel. I was the 10th in my panel.

Let’s call them P1 and P2. (Both are the male professors).

P1 called my name and I entered the room and P1 went outside. I stand near the seat to wait for the permission to be seated.

P2: Sit down, Please.

Me: Thank you, Sir.

P2: Tell me something about yourself.

Me: Sir, my self Ramraj Nagar.

*P1 Knocked the door and P2 Opened the door and P2 Left the room*

P1: Tell me about your self.

Me: After the well-rehearsed introduction where I talked about My Strengths, Work Experience. I also talked about the Patent and Marketing Project. I also talked about College events and hobbies.

P1: So Ramraj you are from Bundi.

Me: Yes, Sir.

P1: What do you know about MDI?

Me: Sir, MDI has a student-run equity research group Unnati and they invest in the equity market……

*Interrupted by P1 and told let him come.*

P1: Tell us about the MDI once again.

Me: Sir MDI was started in 1974, PGPM program was started in 1994, introduced the HR program in 2004 and IM in 2006. MDI started the second campus in 2014 in Murshidabad, West Bengal in 2014. MDI has a student-run equity research group Unnati. They do the equity research and invest in the equity market. This is the unique thing about the MDI Gurgaon.

P2: What is the total equity value?

Me: Sir, I do not know.

P1: Why do you want to do MBA?

Me: Sir, MBA will help me to understand the business complexities..

* Interrupted by P1*

P1: What will you do after 5 Years?

Me: Since I am working in operation in X Company. So I will join the operation department of a company and I want to apply the knowledge whatever I will get MDI.

* Interrupted by P1*

P1: So you want to join the Operations. However, during the course, you have to attend the other classes like Marketing and Sales, Finance, HR. What is the use of these courses for you?

Me: I think these courses will be very useful for me in a longer run. If I want to lead a company in next 20-30 years and for this knowledge of various function will be required.

P2: So Ramraj your designation is X and it is a managerial role. Moreover, after MBA you will get the same kind of roles and if you stay in your company then you will get the same roles in next 4-5 years. So why do you want to do MBA?

Me: Sir It will take me 4-5 years to get the same roles and after MBA I will directly get these roles. So  I can apply my knowledge in next 2 years.

* Interrupted by P1*

P1: But you have to sacrifice your 2 years of experience for MBA?

Me: Yes Sir. However, the knowledge gain during these 2 years will be helpful for me and I can utilize knowledge in the better way in next 2 years.

P2: So Ramraj, you are an Electronics Engineer and you are working in Automobiles field. So do you think you are utilizing your knowledge in this field?

Me: Sir, I am working in Supplier Quality department and responsible for the quality of Electronics and Electrical Parts like headlamps and other than the technical knowledge I am using the other skills I gained during my stint at NIT Trichy like Team Management. We organized Ruby Cup’15 at NIT Trichy and managed the various teams for this tournament and at Tata Motors Limited I led a team of two persons for the Supplier Improvement project.

* Interrupted by P2*

P2: How do you choose the suppliers?

Me: Explained the detailed method for the supplier selection criteria.

P2: You can develop a software for that. What is your use in the supplier selection?

Me: We do the various audits at supplier locations and we are responsible to maintain the Quality parts. Like if any defective part supplied by the suppliers, then we have to visit the suppliers manufacturing location and have to do the analysis of parts. We have to do the process correction and have to ensure the defect-free supply from the next lot.

P2: What is the difference b/w Quality Assurance and Quality Control?

Me: Sir, Quality Control is all about the defect-free supply from the supplier location and control for that. Quality Assurance lies with us. We have to check the parts before passing the parts to the assembly line.

P2: What is the difference b/w Supplier and Vendor?

Me: Sir, both are the same.

P2: What is Six Sigma?

Me: Sir, Six Sigma is all about reducing the process variation and improving the Quality of Parts.

P2: What is the defect level of Six Sigma?

Me: Sir, It’s 3.4 DPMO (Defect Per Million Opportunities) and 99.9% Defect-free supply.

P1: What are your hobbies?

Me: Sir, I follow cricket and I love spending time with my friend and family.

P1: Ramraj, It’s pretty generic and smiles. Anything else?

Me: Sir, No.

P1: So Do you read any Novels or newspapers?

Me: No Sir, But I liked few newspaper pages on social media.

* Interrupted by P1*

P1: Which application?

Me: Sir on Facebook. They upload the news links on these pages.

P1: Tell me three recent news.

Me: Sir, 1. Farmers protest in Maharashtra 2. Supreme Court allowed the Passive Euthanasia 3. For Rajya Sabha Elections, Nominations filled day before yesterday.

P1: What is Passive Euthanasia?

Me: Sir, if a patient is in the terminally ill state than doctors remove the life support of the patient and ease the death process of the patient.

P2: What is your CAT percentile?

Me: Sir, It’s 98.44.

P2: Which others call you got?

Me: Sir, IIMB, IIML, IIMK, MDI Gurgaon, FMS, NITIE and New IIMs.

P2: Are you considering the new IIMs?

Me: Yes Sir, I am considering all of them.

P1: When everyone is considering you why are you considering all of them.

*They both shared a light laugh.*

Both looked toward at each other and

P2: Ok Ramraj, We are done. Thank You.

Me (Smiling): Thank You, Sir. Have a nice day and left the room.

And that was it. NO TOFFEES, NO COOKIES.

Ramraj Nagar

Ramraj Nagar IIM-L PGP 2018-20