NMIMS Mumbai Vs SIBM Pune – A Comparative Guide

SIBM Pune and NMIMS-SBM Mumbai, being two of the top Management Institutes of the country, are the epitome of cultural and academic diversities with top-notch placements every year. These are the amongst the most desirable B-Schools in India.

Here, I have compiled some information about their Full-time two year MBA programmes to help you compare these two fine Institutes.

Ranking 2018 (InsideIIM, Financial Express)

2018 InsideIIM Financial Express
SIBM Pune 22nd 12th
NMIMS Mumbai 18th 17th

Considering that InsideIIM’s rankings are based purely on the brand value of the B-schools, it is clear that over the years, NMIMS has built a reputation for itself as one of the top business schools of the country, with SIBM not too far behind.

Admission Process

The following are the parameters for 2017-18 selection processes and are subject to change. An updated version of this report will be released as and when the relevant colleges release their latest parameters.

SIBM Pune:

  1. Applicants have to register in the month of July/August on the official website SNAP.

What is SNAP?

The Symbiosis International University conducts SNAP ( Symbiosis National Aptitude Test), the entrance exam for the admission in MBA programmes.The university has 15 B schools under it. SNAP is a computer-based test having 150 questions in 4 sections.

  1. After SNAP, candidates are shortlisted on the basis of their SNAP Score.
  2. The shortlisted candidates are then called for further rounds of selection. These rounds include Group Exercise, Personal Interview & Written Ability Test (GE-PI-WAT).

NMIMS – SBM, Mumbai

NMIMS conducts its own exam, i.e., NMAT. The exam can be given 3 times within 5 windows, and the best of the 3 scores is considered for shortlisting candidates.  There is no negative marking in this test.
The first round of selection is done majorly on the basis of the NMAT score. Usually, the cut-offs hover in the range of 208-210. Every student must clear the cut-off set by the institute in order to be considered for the selection process.

NMIMS SBM Mumbai offers MBA, MBA Human Resource, MBA Pharmaceutical Management Programmes.

Note – While these exams are not as difficult as CAT or XAT, they challenge your ability to manage time effectively while testing your basics. SNAP, like IIFT and XAT, also tests your General Knowledge in its GK section.
(You can prepare well for GK from now itself through InsideIIM’s Weekly News Burger)

Current Batch Size

Batch size is one of the most important factors while comparing Business Schools.
A smaller batch size could mean you will have lesser competition and perhaps more attention from faculty. You will also be able to understand your fellow students better in a close-knit environment.
On the flip-side, a bigger batch provides a big opportunity for networking and peer learning. You will be rubbing shoulders with people from all kinds of backgrounds, which will help you grow as a business professional and a person.

SIBM Pune NMIMS Mumbai
(Approximately 180 seats)
MBA: 500 Seats
MBA HR: 60 Seats
MBA Pharma: 60 Seats 



(Batch of 2016-18)

The placements of the 2016-18 batch had a total of over 180 students participating in the Campus Recruitment Programme. 63 Students accepted Pre-placement Offers, making a total of 191 offers (Finance, General Management, HR, Operations, Sales and Marketing, Strategy) in the recruitment season of SIBM for 2016-18 batch. The average CTC offered to the students was 16.23 LPA.

No. of Offers – 191

Participating Companies – 85

Average CTC – 16.23 Lakhs

No. of PPOs-63

Top 50 Average CTC – 23.05 Lakhs

Top 100 Average CTC – 20.07 Lakhs

Highest Compensation – 28 Lakhs

New Recruiters – 48

(Batch of 2015-17)

70 companies made final offers and incrementing the average domestic salary to Rs. 15.02 LPA. There were 68 PPOs at the Starting of the Recruitment Programme. Some of the companies that offered PPOs were :

  1. Aditya Birla Group,
  2. Asian Paints Ltd,
  3. Capgemini India Pvt. Ltd.,
  4. Dabur India Ltd.,
  5. GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Ltd.,
  6. Godrej Industries Ltd. and Associated Companies,
  7. JP Morgan Services India Pvt. Ltd.,
  8. ICICI Bank Ltd.,
  9. ITC Ltd.,
  10. Mahindra & Mahindra Limited,
  11. Reliance Industries Limited,
  12. Tata Motors Limited,
  13. Tata Steel Ltd.,
  14. Vodafone India Ltd.,
  15. Wipro Ltd., etc.

No. of Offers – 202

Participating Companies – 70

Average CTC- 15.02 Lakhs

No. of PPOs-68

Top 50 average CTC – 20.44 Lakhs

TOP 100 average CTC – 17.22 Lakhs

Highest Compensation – 24 Lakhs

New Recruiters – 48


(Batch of 2015-17)
From the 2015-17 batch of MBA Core and MBA HR Students, 587 students were placed in 184 companies and 42% of the batch received PPOs and PPIs(Pre-Placement Interview)


Participating Companies – 176

Average CTC – 17.58 Lakhs

Top 50 Average CTC – 26.5 Lakhs

Top 120 Average CTC – 23.04 Lakhs

Highest Compensation – 34.11 Lakhs


Participating Companies – 43

Average CTC – 13.57  Lakhs

Highest Compensation – 17 Lakhs

Note – Placement packages are similar for the two Institutes, but one cannot rely on the average of the packages offered as this may be an inflated figure. The highest package does have a considerable gap, with NMIMS getting an edge over SIBM. However, you have to be in the top 10-20% of the batch to get such packages. So you will be wrong to assume that it is going to be easy to get these dream packages just by getting admission into these top institutes (especially if you’re in NMIMS and are competing with 500 students who are as hard-working and capable as you). So one must bear this in mind while analysing the ROI of an Institute.
An important takeaway from the placement reports should be the brands which come for campus recruitment. Do these companies align with your long-term career goals?
You can find out here the recruiters that come to NMIMS and SIBM Pune.


2018 Fees
SIBM Pune Rs. 18,25,000
NMIMS(MBA/MBA-HR) Rs. 17,50,000



MBA at SIBM Pune is its flagship programme.The programme is of total 4 semesters. Specializations offered in SIBMS MBA programme are Marketing, Human Resource Management, Finance and Operations Management.The curriculum designed by the college is best in the industry.It gives an all-around exposure to the students helping them to become the efficient leaders of tomorrow.

Specializations offered:


The marketing curriculum is designed in such a way that the that the students learn the practical applications of marketing principles.The curriculum includes guest lectures, workshops, projects, case studies, etc.


This specialization is designed to provide students with a cemented foundation in applied financial management.It helps in providing an expansive understanding of the current financial market.The students are trained to be practical and analytical at the same time making then ready for the real world financial business decisions.


The course structure of operations ensures that technological knowledge of Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Distribution networks which is combined with current industrial practices to equip budding professionals to deliver excellence in their field and help the organization to grow beyond all limits.

Human Resources

The curriculum is designed in such a way that it focuses on creating managerial skills in managing human capital. The course is in sync with the latest corporate practices and HR Requirements.


NMIMS faculty uses the case study method to prepare its budding professionals for the real corporate and business world scenario. With an abundance of extremely talented faculty, the institution focuses more on the practical and personalized growth of the students.
Social sensitivity is among the main aims of this institution, to make students sensitized to the real world issues and to develop a sustainable society.

Specializations offered:


MBA at NMIMS SBM is a 2-year full-time programme.It includes 6 semesters. This is a two-year full-time programme is spread over six trimesters. During this duration, various seminar, CEO series of guest lectures,etc are conducted to keep the candidates on their tiptoes. The final year students have to choose from a variety of Specializations offered by SBM depending upon their academics, overall performance and their preference.


NMIMS offers a Full time 2 Year MBA Program in Human Resources. The course is designed in such a way that it is in sync with requirements(Human Resource competency requirements) of the corporate world of present times. Each trimester includes guest sessions, seminars, consulting assignments, etc. In order to make the programme globally recognized NMIMS SBM’s curriculum is aligned with SHRM( World’s largest HR professionals association).


This is a domain specific MBA course at NMIMS SBM Mumbai which aims at preparing the students to become efficient managers in the pharmaceutical industry.

The fieldwork in every trimester involving visits to Doctors, Patients, Retailers and wholesalers one day, every week.

Every student is assigned a brand for a Marketing Project along with thesis which requires every student to study the case, interview doctors, retailers, etc.

The objective of MBA Pharmaceuticals Management course is to develop the domain-specific skills in the students, over the period of two years for managerial positions in the Pharmaceutical Industry. The summer internship is an 8-week long internship with a pharma company.

Exchange Programmes

 SIBM Pune

The international collaborations of SIBM include:

  1. the University of Dauphine,
  2. The Berlin School of Economics and Law (BSEL)
  3. Arizona State University.

The students of SIBM have also taken part in the summer programmes offered by :

  1.  The Berlin International Summer School by The Berlin School of Economics and Law.
  2.  University Bremen, Germany.
  3. Nanyang Technological University.


The international collaborations of SBM include

1.Grenoble Ecole de Management, France,

  1. ESSCA, France, Hungary and Shanghai,
  2. Kedge Business School, Marseille, France;
  3. HHL Leipzig School of Management, Germany,
  4. University of South Florida, USA,
  5. Rotterdam Business School, Netherlands and
  6. Macquarie University, Australia,
  7. 8.HEC, Lausanne, etc.

It has a Faculty Development Programme in collaboration with Harvard Business School where nominated faculties to participate in the HBS Colloquium on Participant-Centered Learning Programme at the Harvard University.

Campus Life


SIBM Pune is a mixed bag of students coming from various cultures. Students with different work cultures and graduate disciplines gather together to have a single goal i.e, MBA.

Students are passionate and appreciate every colour that this college has to offer.

SIBM Pune promotes a student-driven culture. There are nine student councils along with four special interest groups. These nine student councils look after everything: from admissions to arranging seminars and guest lectures. SIBM believes that such activities develop a sense of responsibility as well as a taste of how the world would look and behave after they have graduated. This helps them develop a close relationship with the institution even after they have graduated.


NMIMS SBM just like SIBM Pune has a mixed class of students coming from various disciplines. The students here enjoy the benefits of being located in the dreamy city of India.

SBM has its own student council for various CSR activities on campus
The Student Council at NMIMS represents various positions such as

  1. The Vice-President,
  2. General Secretaries,
  3. Cultural Secretaries, along with a team of
  4. Executive members and
  5. Course representatives.

The President of the student council along with these representatives is responsible for all the campus activities(CSR Activities).

Raison D’ Etre:
It is a formal communication cell between the students, faculty and the administration. Its sole responsibilities are:

  1. Organizing and coordinating “Paragana” – The annual seminar and flagship event.
  2. Organizing and coordinating “Euphoria” – The national B-school cultural fest.
  3. Organizing and coordinating “Parampara” – Traditional Event, the twin Fresher & Farewell parties.
  4. To assist in all public relations activities and publication activities at NMIMS.



Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune is one of the best B-Schools of India, recognized for its top-notch Management Programme, and its valuable contributions to the business industry and society.

SIBM Pune is a student-driven institute, giving the students taste responsibilities in the real world from the very start. It has 9 student councils which provide a lot of scope for co-curricular activities from the very start.

With amazing placements, Picture perfect campus surrounded by greenery and hills SIBM Pune is one of the all-rounder Institutes of India. It focuses on student development creating better leaders for tomorrow.


NMIMS is one of India’s premier business schools and is situated in Mumbai – the financial hub and also the dreamy city of the country.

With a curriculum designed to instil the best and most practical practices of the current business world along with real-time case studies, it has placed itself as one of the best management Institute in the country.With amazing placements and international collabs, it opens doors to various opportunities for its students.

The overall conclusion that can be drawn is that these two MBA institutes bring an opportunity for exceptional learning from experienced faculty, which is why they frequently feature in the list of top 20 (and sometimes even the top 15) Management Institutes of the country.

If you have any suggestions or opinions, let me know in the comments below!

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