Ramraj Nagar’s Interview Experience 2018 At FMS Delhi

FMS Delhi

Slot- 2:00 PM

20th April’18

CAT Percentile: 98.44


10th: 84.67 (RBSE)

12th: 74.77 (RBSE)

Graduation: 7.78 – Electronics and Communication Engineering-NIT Trichy

Work Exp: 32 Months-Automobile Sector

GD Topic: Law should be an instrument for Social Change.

9 People in my Panel, two were absent. Three Moderators for the GD.

Time: 8 Mins (7 (per person a Minute) +1 Min)

(Spoke about the Land Acquisition law, moved from the 1894 law to 2013 Law. Mention the Benefits of LAAR (Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement) 2013. Mention the IBC (Insolvency and Bankruptcy) Code 2016 and its benefits for development. Spoke about the Anti Rape Law 2013 and punishment provision under this law. Concluded with the role of executives in the implementation of the laws.)

Interview Process:

I was 5th in My Panel.

4 Panellists, 2 Male, and 1 Female Professor. Let’s call them P1 (Senior Male Professor), P2 (Young Male Professor), P3 (Female Professor).

Interview Coordinator called my name and I entered the room. I stand near the seat to wait for the permission to be seated.

P1: Sit down, please.

Me: Thank you, Ma’am.

P3: So Ramraj, introduce yourself.

Me: After the well-rehearsed introduction where I talked about my strengths, work experience. I also talked about the patent, marketing project.

*Interrupted by P3.*

It’s extempore time now.

P3: Ramraj, we will give you a topic and you have 10 seconds to think about it and one minute to speak.

Me: Okay, Ma’am.

P3: Your topic is “IPR”.

Me: Can I have a rough page, please?

P2: No, you construct your thoughts and speak.

Me: Okay, Sir.

After 10 Secs

Me: Full form of IPR is Intellectual Property Right. Intellectual Property (IP) is the product human intellectual. It includes the concepts, Products, Creativity etc. and the rights protected to IP is known as IPR. A patent is one of the forms of IPR and it protects the Functional Expression of the product. Like if a company develops a new technology than that company has exclusive rights to use that particular technology, others cannot use that technology without the permission of the company. India follows the IPR Act 1970 and the no of application per year from India is very less compare to China and USA and no of Patents granted to India is also very less compare to China and USA

P3: Times up.

P2: Ramraj, you speak so fast. Did you prepare this for the interview?

Me: Sir, it is natural for me.

P2: In which Quality are you working?

Me: Sir, I am working in Current Quality Department.

P2: What Quality Standards you follow?

Me: Sir we follow the TS Standards.

P2: Which no?

Me: Sit its TS 16949.

P2: It is equivalent to ISO.

Me: Sir ISO 9001.

P2: What is Ford’s Quality Standard?

*Out of the blue question for me*

*Blank Face*

P2: Ford indigenously developed a Quality Standard. What is it?

Me: Sir, in my company, another department is looking for the standard. I do not know about this.

P2: It’s QA101. Just have a look at it. Now Ma’am will ask you the questions.

P3: Ramraj, name any three Social Entrepreneur.

Me: Ma’am in which field?

P3: Any field.

Me: Ma’am I don’t know.

P3: Okay, Ramraj. We are done. All the best. Thank you.

Me (Smiling): Thank you, Ma’am.

And I left the room.

And that was it. NO TOFFEES, NO COOKIES.

*It was the shortest interview, lasted only 5 Mins.*

Ramraj Nagar

Ramraj Nagar IIM-L PGP 2018-20