Student Exchange Programmes in India - A Primer - Top Business schools in India - December 2011


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Kranti A

Outstanding stuff....

17 Dec, 2011 |


a breadth of topics you guys cover.... very impressive content and presentation.... well done, keep it up!

17 Dec, 2011 |


What amazing timing! Thanks guys!

17 Dec, 2011 |


Pretty useful stuff...Great job! Including some information on approx. basic cost of exchange prog. and scholarships (and how it differs across continents) would be nice ..obviously it depends on univ. and how much you want to splurge, but an indicative comparison would be great for the next article. Further, I think MDI has an amazing line-up for exchange prog. as well...please see if that can be included as well..

18 Dec, 2011 |


I would like to point out an error. FMS is affliated to Delhi Univ and awards a proper MBA degree.

18 Dec, 2011 |


I wait eagerly for the next report! I really want to go to Europe on exchange...Hope you ppl will give more info on that

20 Dec, 2011 |

Riju Siddique

IIM Indore's EPGP has an international immersion with Katz Business School, University of Pittsburgh, PA, USA. This university is not available in the list provided for IIM I.

23 Dec, 2011 |


Very detailed and useful information!

29 Dec, 2011 |


how does the selection of students for exchange programmes takes place?and for xlri is there information of the number of hr guys going for exchange as xlri-hr is considered best in asia-pacific?

7 Feb, 2012 |


Student exchange criteria is CQPI + interest based. Students select their preference and as per their position in class they are selected. IN XLRI good amount of HR students go on exchange. As you will realize later, the purpose of exchange program is not solely academic, most HR students don't care if HR electives are offered or not, if they get into a good Bschool, they complete their credit requirements for specialization by taking more HR courses when they are back.

7 Feb, 2012 |


I wonder why MDI is not included especially when quite a few foreign b-schools listed above figure in MDI's exchange program

20 Mar, 2012 |

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I think MDI hasn't come under the ambit of insideiim's coverage of b-schools till now.......

21 Mar, 2012 |


"In terms of the number and quality of partners, we would rate IIM C definitely below A and B, and definitely above the other institutes." Is IIMC that much behind A and B? A and B se call aane se raha.. C is my only hope in the big 3.... IIMC seniors say that IIMC is better than A and B in all aspects.. Can someone throw any light on this?

25 Sep, 2012 |


The IIMB website has listed the names of its partner universities (around 100). Hope this may help some folks. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

28 Dec, 2012 |

Nikhil p

Useful stuff...thank you

16 May, 2014 |

Stayforyou Care

Excellent Article.!! It's really helpful to us. Thank You.!!!!

9 May, 2017 |