The B-School Starter Pack | 5 Things To Do Before You Join Your B-School

Congratulations to the people who have made it this time! To the people who have had a heartbreak, all I can say is “Do not give up.”

Over the past couple of days, a lot of people have been asking me on what to do in the next two months before you join college. Here are some of the most important things to do which will help your cause further and make your first term a little easier.

1. Learn Excel: You will survive your deadlines, overcome your submissions and battle through your Internship placements. And then when you land in that fancy corporate office, you will realise that only Microsoft Excel can save you with its pivot charts and tables and functions. Utilise this time to learn as much as possible. Be it online or be it offline, learn as much of Excel as you can.

Check out this in-depth Excel course on!

2. Fix your sleep cycle: Start cutting down on sleep now that you are out of danger. Start functioning on 6-7 hours of sleep everyday and cut it back to 5 by the time you reach college. It will be very difficult to adjust to the schedules suddenly. Train yourself to wake up at alarms. I have forgotten the number of times I have woken up at 8.56 AM for a 9 AM class.

3. Learn The Basics: B-School professors are notorious for their superior intellect. Many of them will assume that you know basic frameworks like SWOT & Porter’s 5 Forces. Find out your first-term subjects and go through the curriculum. Start brushing up on concepts of general subjects like Marketing 101, Microeconomics etc. Know what is the bottom line of a company and what is the top line. If you look at a couple of things now, you will not be entirely overwhelmed when the classes go at full speed in Term 1.

4. Start Gathering your CV Points: THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TASK YOU HAVE. Your placement committees will start asking your for proofs and certificates once the CV making processes start. B-Schools have a robust checking mechanism in place due to which you cannot simply put points on your CV without proof. Start looking for your certificates. Start talking to your professors, your bosses and your school teachers. Let them know that you will be needing their help soon to get your extra-curricular points verified. Your boss and your HR manager will be verifying all the work you did at the company. So maintain talking terms with them. You will need a lot of calls and mails to get your extra-curricular activities verified before you sit for placements.

5. Learn how to make Presentations: Definitely do this. At least learn the tricks and the basic functions inside Microsoft PowerPoint. Your PPTs might look like the left part of the image at the moment, but by the end of the first year should look better than the right image.


Be prepared for what is to come. It will be the best of times, it will be the worst of times. 

All the very best to all of you.

Sailesh Hota

SabHotaHai. Dog person. Hate CATs. 710 in GMAT. 97.46 in XAT 2018. Stand-up comedian, IT professional, NITTian and lazius maximus. Worked for 28 months in semiconductors before calling it quits. Feel free to reach out to me on any platform.




I think the best way is to see tutorial videos and start experimenting on your own. Else you can explore Udemy, Unacademy and Coursera for structured courses. 🙂