There’s More To B-Schools Than Just Business!

Education and learning are two important things that go hand in hand. Deciding to educate oneself and be updated about the current situations in society can be done at any age. MBA is one such degree that helps you not only to learn but also to gain knowledge. Whether you have work experience after your graduation degree or nothing at all, having a post-graduate diploma degree does help you to enhance your skill sets. B-Schools have part-time as well as full-time courses for aspirants who have the will to keep learning and they make sure that all of them get equal opportunities to explore and gain experiences.

On entering a B-School you will not only find people who are as confused as you, but there will also be a different pool of stories to learn from. People from different and diverse educational, cultural, regional backgrounds join B-Schools to learn further after their job or graduation. The curriculum of B-Schools these days keeps getting updated with the increase in the advancements on the market and technology. This helps the aspirants to be par with the outer world with each and every increasing step. Extracurricular and peer learning also plays a pivotal role in students learning along with the curricular lessons. People learn from each other by observing. They analyze themselves when they see someone doing a particular thing in a different fashion from their own. Vocabulary, speaking skills, etiquettes, and other qualities tend to change and develop when one is surrounded by a different set of people. Another thing that helps the students grow in a post graduation course is the committees and the competitions. The committees help the students to understand the importance of working with senior groups and finishing things in the given deadline. It helps them to grow mentally providing a clear idea of the areas that hold a strong place and the areas that require improvement from their end.  While the competitions may not have the question of life or death it surely teaches the students to not forget the good sportsman spirit and maintain healthy rivalry between peers.

Being a student from one of the top-ranked B-Schools in India, K. J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research, I can proudly say that entering in this institute is the same as opening a big door of opportunities and experiences. From sports facilities to committees, to competitions and peer interaction; everything and every moment is new learning.

Learning can happen at any age. Recently, we had a guest speaker from Hinduja Healthcare at our college who had visited our campus to enlighten the students with his 30 years of experience in the healthcare sector and hospital marketing. He himself did his MBA in marketing at the age of 40 with nearly 17 years of work experience! Such experiences and stories will come to your way if you decide to take a step ahead and have the will to always keep learning.

Suparna Kukreja

Suparna Kukreja is a MBA Student at K. J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research, pursuing her Post Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Management. She is a Member of the Admissions Committee of KJSIMSR. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Biotechnology.