What Does A Day At IIM Kozhikode Look Like

It has been four months, since I came here to the God’s Own Kampus. Living a fast-paced life since then, every day at K has been different from the previous one but some things have become a part of the daily routine like a ritual. Here is a glimpse of a day of first year student at IIM Kozhikode.

The 9:00 am Run

Getting up, dressing up, eating food and reaching academic block for classes in just 15 minutes is a superpower we all have acquired in these four months.

The wait for 1:30 pm

From 9:15 to 1:30 the day is full of hungry and lazy eyes oscillating their look from clock to board and waiting for the clock the strike 1:30 and declare the lunch break. The 15-minute breaks between classes are like small tokens of happiness. Students gather like a swarm of flies near the kiosk to satiate their hungry stomachs( Ohh, didn’t I tell you about the daily morning dilemma about a 5 minute more of napping or breakfast) with snacks and tea and dizzy brains with chit-chat. The lectures are one with DCP (for those who aren’t aware of the term, DCP is a daily act done by some high on adrenaline students to wake others up from their sleep in class and suck all the value out of class discussions. It is also called Desperate Class Participation by some meticulous professors who have an eye for this non-human behaviour).

The Happy Hour (1:30-2:30)

After half a day of some enthralling and some appalling lectures, its time to fill the stomach up. Since management is all about decisions, so is every hour at IIM K. Mess food, Kiosk Cup noodles, Subway Sandwiches or Guru Prasad’s exotic( it is compared to all the available options) food are the choices one has daily.

The 3:45 Bling

Finally, at 3:45 we get free of scheduled timetables and are left clueless about which things to prioritise henceforth.

While some people decide to go back to their sweethearts (beds) to dream about their goals, others make decisions to be stuck in the knowledge spiral to achieve the goals and move towards Kautilya (IIMK’s Library). Few are also seen resting souls with a coffee and witnessing the mesmerising beauty of Kampus.

The nights are one with various team meetings, group projects and presentation preparations. The hungry souls are seen surviving on Nigh Canteen food and visits to Sangamam.

The Kampus never sleeps, while some rooms open the window to the managerial world with people preparing their PPTs, others witness some chill minds relaxing and chit chatting over music. Kampus strolls are a pleasure and so is sitting near the Arjuna Path and self-scrutinizing life at 3 am.

Finally, in the wee hours, the Kampus becomes silent with the chirping of birds breaking the silence and at 9 begins the daily battle once again!

Tanya Maurya

A textile engineering graduate, weaving dreams at IIM Kozhikode.



Vaanya Gupta

Hey Tanya! Great article. 🙂
I am set to join IIM K this year and had some queries. Would it be possible for me to reach out to you regarding them in some way? 🙂