IIM Kozhikode Final Placements Report | PGP Batch Of 2017-2019 (Unverified)

The IIM Kozhikode Final Placements Report for the PGP Class of 2019 has been released!

A total of 366 students participated in the final placements process which was concluded in a record time of 6 days!

IIM Kozhikode Final Placements – Highlights

  • Highest CTC: Rs. 40.50 Lac
  • Median CTC: Rs. 18.80 Lac
  • Mean CTC: Rs. 20.67 Lac
  • Mean CTC (top 10% of the batch): Rs. 32.86 Lac
  • Mean CTC (top 25% of the batch): Rs. 27.05 Lac
  • Over 50% of the recruiters feature in the Fortune 500 companies of the world.
  • 21 new brands recruited from IIM Kozhikode this season.
  • A total of 390 offers were handed out by 107 organisations.
  • Consulting was the most sought after domain, with 30% of the offers for Consulting roles.
  • Finance was the second most sought after domain, with 21% of the offers for Finance roles.
  • Top brands recruiting from IIM Kozhikode this year included McKinsey & Company, The Boston Consulting Group, Amazon, Mahindra Group, Hindustan Unilever, Nestle, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase & Company, Reliance Industries Limited, Tata Administrative Services among others.

IIM Kozhikode Final Placements – Consulting, Finance, General Management

The Consulting domain saw a host of marquee recruiters like Bain & Co., BCG, Deloitte, EY, McKinsey & Co., KPMG and PwC. Further, students were also offered niche roles by firms like Feedback Infra and Avalon Consulting.

30% of the total offers were in the Consulting domain.

In the finance domain, top recruiters including Colgate Palmolive, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Piramal, State Street and Yes Bank made offers in Investment Banking, Financial Markets and Corporate Finance.

Over 21% of the total offers were in the finance domain.

The General Management vertical saw an increase in the number of leadership roles offered. Capgemini ELITE and Tata Sky joined the list of top recruiters like Aditya Birla Group, Mahindra, RPG, and TAS who have continued their long-standing association with the institute.

10% of the total offers were for General Management roles.

IIM Kozhikode Placement Report  2019 - Companies: Consulting, Finance, General Management

IIM Kozhikode Final Placements – Sales & Marketing, Operations, IT & Analytics

Sales & Marketing vertical saw over 17% of the students getting offers from marquee recruiters. Recruiters like Asian Paints, HUL, HCCB, ITC, Nestlé and Pidilite offered roles in B2C sales while HP, Lenovo and Samsung offered B2B sales roles.

17% of the total offers were for Sales & Marketing roles.

In the IT & Analytics vertical, along with regular recruiters like American Express, Microsoft, Mondelez, Optum, Wipro, new recruiters Citrix and Payoneer also participated in the recruitment process. Students were offered roles in Analytics, Product Management, EA to CXO and allied fields.

16% of the total offers were for IT & Analytics roles.

Operations vertical saw a 31% increase in the average CTC offered. Flipkart and Jubilant FoodWorks – first-time recruiters on campus offered multiple roles, while regular recruiter Amazon hired the most number of students.

6% of the total offers were in the Operations domain.

IIM Kozhikode Placement 2019 - Companies: Sales & Marketing, IT & Analytics, Operations

IIM Kozhikode Final Placements – Important Parameters

IIM Kozhikode Placement 2019 - Final Statistics

*Note – This placement report has been created using data and figures from the official Final Placement Report of IIM Kozhikode’s PGP batch of 2017-2019. Please mention any discrepancies and errors in the comments below.

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Can someone confirm if Bain, Mckinsey and Amazon actually made offers at IIM Kozhikode? This is an unverified report but anyone from the community can help to confirm?


Thanks. Is it Bain & Co. or Bain Capability Centre? Also did Bain & Co. visit IIM Lucknow too?


Correction – one of 7 campuses in India to get *actual offers* this year from the MBB firms for regular strategy consulting roles

Team InsideIIM

Don’t you guys think IIM Kozhikode should just share a verified report? It would be so much easier. We anyway have so many good samaritans from IIM Kozhikode answering questions here 🙂

Team InsideIIM

Yes. For sure. But it isn’t necessarily in the format future aspirants and recruiters want to know. They want to know more about the profiles offered and not just the names of the company. We may not have 100% accurate data but students thank us every year for helping them make better admission decisions because of the placement report. What is the need to not share information when you have had such a successful season?


This looks like a awesome setup to increase seats to 422 from next year as has been approved by the leadership. Just bump up some numbers, show some good recruiters, and boom next year you have 60 more students.

Ruchit Lunia

Show some good recruiters? The biggest of names have not just participated but made offers with the likes of MBB making multiple offers each. Don’t think there’s a basis for you to make unfounded allegations!

Also, the first year students are already a batch of 400+ students and yet had a splendid summer placement season. Request you to research better, thanks.


Honestly there are just 3 names which you actually call good recruiters the MBB and I am not even sure if any body was hired at all. IIM K until last year had an average salary of 17.8 (It still showed MB on the list BTW). Do you think Bain hired half the batch to get to 20.6 ? And let’s meet next year again to see how much of an average that batch of 400+ holds. And splendid summer placement? What was so splendid in that?


The placement report states 107 companies. I can count 45-50 companies here. What were the rest of them?


Something is fishy in the IIM K placement report. The placement report at the website has given a breakup of average salaries for each function (Marketing, operations, consulting) etc. and the percentage of students getting into those functions. If we simply do a sumproduct of the average and percentage (Assuming 100 students for simplicity) and find out the global average, we get an average salary of the entire batch as 19.37. However the IIM K total average salary for the entire batch is stated to be 20.67. Can someone explain how?Or have I missed something here?
Here is the report for everyone to check:

Here are the details:
Consulting – 30% students at 20.84 LPA average salary
Finance – 21% students at 18.41 LPA average salary
Gen Man – 10% students at 20.51 LPA average salary
IT an analytics – 16% students at 16.5 LPA average salary
Operations – 6% students at 24.24 LPA average salary
S&M – 17% students at 18.3 LPA average salary
[(30*20.84)+ (21*18.41)+(10*20.51)+(16*16.5)+(6*24.24)+(17*18.3)]/100
=1937/100=19.37 LPA. What is going on here?
Just do a global average and we get the average salary as 19.37. Mind you the report clearly says percentage of students getting into the roles for each function along with the average salary per function so there is no other way to go other than to simply calculate the global average. Can someone please validate?