IIM Kozhikode Interview Experience – 2018

Institute of Hotel Management, Dadar

23th Feb’18

Slot-8:00 AM

CAT Percentile: 98.44


10th: 84.67 (RBSE)

12th: 74.77(RBSE)

Graduation: 7.78- Electronics and Communication Engineering-NIT Trichy

Work Exp: 30 Months-Automobile Sector

Reached the venue at 7 AM and verified the Documents. I was the last one in my panel, but due to the early verification, they changed it to 3rd from the last. J

WAT Topic: History has taught us enough. Now we must learn our own modern day lessons.

15 Mins for writing and can write on only one side of the A4 page.

(Wrote about the vehicular pollution and electrical vehicle adoption timeline and plan. Mentioned the Emission Standard movement time period and wrote about the crop residual burning problem and solution for it. Mentioned the recent frauds and solution for the frauds.)

GD: Same topic for GD.

1-2 min break between GD and WAT, but you to be seated at your place.

15 Mins for GD and 10-12 Persons.

(Spoke about the Green energy technique evolution and India’s target for the Renewable Energy. Spoke about the International Solar Alliance and about its target, elementary level education, moving towards Right Education from Right to Education (RTE), Teacher’s Competency from Qualification and the mentioned topics on WAT and concluded by We can use the historical data to develop the better and innovative techniques for the future).

Overall GD was good. Everyone spoke and luckily, it did not turn into FISH MARKET.

Interview Process:

I was in the 3rd panel. 2 Panelist, Let’s call them P1 and P2.(both are the male professors).

P1 called my name and I entered the room. I stand near the seat to wait for the permission to be seated.

P2: Where is your phone?

Me: Sir, It is in my bag.

P2: Ok.

P1: Sit down, Please.

Me: Thank you, Sir.

P1: So Ramraj, You did not give an opportunity to others during the GD.

Me: *It was a surprising statement for me. Everyone spoke in the GD.* Sir my apology for this, but..

*Interrupted by P1*

P1: Ok Ramraj. It was good. Now, give us a brief introduction about yourself.

Me: After the well-rehearsed introduction where I talked about My Strengths, Work Experience. I also talked about the Patent and Marketing Project. I also talked about College events.

P1: Ok….Ok, Ramraj. See, now also you are not giving an opportunity to me to ask you the questions and smiles.

P1: Tell us about work. What do you do?

Me: Explained the well-rehearsed answer in which I talked about my responsibilities.

P1: So you are working in X Company. Who are your competitors?

Me: Sir we have 7 Product Categories and have different competitors in these categories. In M&HCV Category Ashok Leyland and Eicher are the major competitors, In ILCV, Ashok Leyland is the major competitor, in LCV Mahindra, Ashok Leyland and Eicher are the major competitors…

*Interrupted by P1*

P1: Ramraj, I do not know what is this M&HCV?

Me: Sir based on the Vehicle load capacity, products are divided into these categories. M&HCV is Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicle and Capacity is greater than 16T, for ILCV it is in between 7.5T to 15.5T, for LCV it is 3.5T to 7.5T…

*Interrupted by P1*

P1: What are your products in the Car Segment?

Me: Explained the recently launched products and their sales stats and about market share.

P1: Why did your market share decline?

Me: explained my view on this and about the about the reliability and durability of our products in the targeted segment.

P1: So you also have JLR. What is the full form of JLR?

Me: Sir, its Jaguar Land Rover.

P1: What is the contribution of JLR to your company?

Me: Explained about the synergy between both the companies and explained the upcoming product (H5X) based on the JLR Platform and also about the 45X.

P1: So when are you going to launch these products?

Me: Sir there is no official news about the launch of these products, but as per media reports launch will be next year.

P1: Asked about the designations and annual increment.

Me: explained the restructuring, turn around exercise at the company, and talked about the financial performance of last Quarter.

Now P1 pass the baton to P2.

P2: So Ramraj, You are an Electronics and Communication Engineer. What is the definition of Electronics?

Me: Sir, Electronics deals with the electronics device and…

*Interrupted by P2*

P2: Which other calls you got Ramraj?

Me: Sir I got calls from IIMB, IIML, New IIMs, MDI Gurgaon, FMS.

P2: How is your Lucknow and Bangalore interview?

Sir: IIM Bangalore interview is on 26th Feb and Lucknow was my first interview. Overall it was the good learning experience for me.

P2: What is the definition of Electronics?

Me: Sir, Electronics deals with the decision making process while electrical deals only with the power transmission.

P2: What is Communication?

Me: Sir, Communication is all about the signal transmission.

P2: what are the communication techniques?

Me: Sir Communication techniques are Analog Signals, Digital Signals, 2G,3G and 4G.

P2: What is Passband?

Me: Sir, a particular range of frequency can pass through it.

P2: What is Stopband?

Me: Sir, It blocks a particular range of frequency.

P2: Who is the deputy Prime Minister of India?

Me: Sir currently we do not have a deputy Prime Minister.

P2: Anyone in past. Tell me a name.

Me: I do not know Sir.

*Unfortunately could not recall a single name* L

P2: Who is the Vice President of India?

Me: Sir Hon’ble Venkaiah Naidu is the Vice President.

P2 looked toward the P1.

P2: Any Questions for us.

Me: No Sir.

P2: Ok Ramraj, We are done. Best of luck for your other interviews. Thank You.

Me: Thank you Sir. Have a nice day.

P1: Pl. close the door.

Me: Sure Sir.

And that was it. NO TOFFEES.

Ramraj Nagar

Ramraj Nagar IIM-L PGP 2018-20




it was a comforting interivew, it seems. 🙂 Didn’t they grill you with stress questions? (:-Thinking)…..