Winters At IIM Kashipur


Winters create a different feel in IIM Kashipur. Let’s see what KSPians have to say about their first winter on the campus.

  • “One of the experiences I was looking forward to when I joined IIM Kashipur were the winters. As a person who hails from the southern part of the country, where you have the sun all year long, this was an entirely new experience for me. This was my first face-off with ‘real’ winters. The cold started around mid-November and started increasing in intensity. First week of January, it touched the peak with temperatures dropping to 2 degrees at night. Radiant heating in hostels is a lifesaver. Life is so different in winters.” – Aishwarya
  • 8.30 AM classes – “Best part for me nowadays is rushing to classes in the chilly mornings. In summers we could see the mountain ranges far away but now we cannot see the acad block from the mess. The fog is quite heavy. We take selfies in the fog and sometimes pretend to be lost. We act really silly and I enjoy it a lot.” – Ankita

IIM Kashipur

  • Winter fashion – “Being in an MBA Institute, we are always expected to dress well. As a result, this winter we got to see different fashion statements, having people from different cultural and geographical backgrounds. I was delighted to see even professors carrying off their signature fashion statements in style. Seemed like a fashion house for corporate winter wear. And then there are these group of people as well who I believe are made of steel. They brave the winter in nothing but light summer tees in style.” – Famee
  • Bonfire nights – “We have bonfire nights. We sit around the fire and talk about random things. Some days we play Antakshari while some days we tell stories. In addition to this, these get-together’s are supplemented by tea and biscuits and we have a great time.” – Rony

IIM Kashipur

  • Watching TV in Mess – “Our mess is the hotspot during winters. Literally. It is quite warm and cosy in the mess and we finish our dinner very, very slowly. If any good program is on TV, we huddle around it. It reminds me of my TV times at home. Now, I have a second home.” – Anurupa

G Nithya Mohan

Compiled by G Nithya Mohan PGP2017-19