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The Rule of Three - The Secret for Singapore Airlines' Enduring Success

What is common to successful companies across regions and sectors? Three elementary rules really: One, a relentless focus on creating a better product or experience rather than a cheaper one.

Why Smart Companies Aren't Hiring Sales People Anymore

Are you familiar with the new way of selling?

Turning Your Customers into Brand Advocates

What is your brand advocacy score? Did you know why Google jettisoned an elaborate marketing plan made by an accomplished Coca-Cola executive? Does your brand provide an end-to-end memorable experience

IIM Indore Through Lenses Of An Exchange Student - University of Münster, Germany

We have always seen students of IIMs going on exchange to universities abroad. In the same set up, students from abroad come to our universities in India. David Merzger is

Why MBA - Dare to Think Beyond Grades

9.00 AM - The piercing blare of my phone’s alarm brings me back from the thirteenth dimension of deep sleep as my non-REM cycle aborts and I awake with a

Dark Side Of MBA – Things That They Don’t Tell You Before Joining The B-School

Undoubtedly, getting into XLRI is the single best thing that happened to me in my entire life. I, still, vividly remember every moment associated with my preparation, interview, sound of

Advice from a Finance Professional: Mr Anil Nayak, Credit Suisse

Mr. Anil Nayak, Director – Risk Analytics, Credit Suisse, addressed the students of SIBM Pune during the second session of Blueprint 2014. We caught up with him after the event.

Meet India's 30 Most Employable Management Graduates from the Class of 2015

In November 2014, we kick-started our Best50 competition. It is an attempt to find the best management graduates from across all Business Schools in India graduating in March-April 2015. The