What Happens At IIM Bangalore?

It has been one month here at IIM Bangalore and never before have I really resonated with Kangana’s dialogue from Queen so much.

NO, don’t be demoralised! It’s every bit as great as you thought it is. However!

Many of us, including me, go to MBA with exciting posts of “Back to college again! Yayy!”. Most of us, being the engineers that we are, have certain ideas of what college means. Bunking classes, late night chit chatting with your friends, not caring about studies assignments. Midterms? Meh!

Then you enter MBA and pop! There goes that bubble of so called college life. MBA colleges are indeed professional institutes. It’s more like an office with extra curricular activities rather than a college.

The movies and books don’t help either. Never once in 2 states do they show that on the sides at least, the two of them have other things to do than to dance around and whatever else they do in the movie ;). Till the chapter of the normal curve, their entire two years are set! The only thing that was set for me when our professor was teaching Decision Sciences was ‘Deep fear’ for normal curves.

Yes, there are overnight parties and booze and skewed gender ratios to boost your vanity, if you are a woman that is. But, have you lived your life by the watch. Have you ever before counted by how many seconds you were late? Well, you are in for a treat! We just had a section party yesterday. I had a class at 10. Woke up at 9 50. Now if this had been my engineering college, I would never have tried to get up from the bed in the first place. But I now I have to run. Run so that I cover 500 meters in 4 minutes. Because after 9:59:59  all is a moot point. I somehow managed to make it to class at 9:59:42. I kid you not. That specific!

Now let’s forget classes and studies and presentation for a bit. Let’s talk about extra curricular, that’s the thing everyone is very enthu about. But have you ever organised a cultural fest in 3 days? Have you participated in a dance, drama, music, painting, quiz, games with a preparation of one day? Well, that’s the catch! It’s fun, but it’s not easy.

Thankfully, I am not coming straight from the peace of undergrad to this MBA madness. Life had given me enough lemons before to make lemonade out of this too. But my heart goes out to the poor freshers. They must be really happy when they got into b-schools. I am so certain they would have given up on their placement offers thinking that they do not want to go in corporate life so soon. Well, surprise surprise! All three of my previous jobs was chiller than this.

However, all cribbing aside, the courses, the pedagogy are simply great! Professors indeed care that you understand every concept that they are teaching. Now those are the things to live for, right! On that note, I end this piece.

Rina Makode