McKinsey, BCG And Bain& Co. Maintain Their Stronghold At The Top – Most Desirable Consulting Recruiters

For this report of the InsideIIM Recruitment Survey of 2017, a survey was conducted where over 900 Post – MBA Professionals, Current Students and Aspirants (who are InsideIIM Users) were asked to give their preferences for the Consulting firms that they would want to work in and be a part of.

The rankings given below are in descending order of preference.

A) Aspirants

For Aspirants, there is a certain amount of glamour associated with a Consulting job, especially when it comes to brands such as McKinsey, PwC, Ernst and Young etc. Although Consulting brands do not advertise, their work with major firms in the past gives them their reputation. These large brands assume roles of thought leaders, i.e., they seek to promote well-informed and well-structured reports to audiences. For example, the McKinsey website has its ‘Featured Insights’ section which contains various reports on Business trends. Along with word-of-mouth referrals, this is a form of marketing which makes them visible to those unaware of the intricacies of Consulting.

In this year’s report, McKinsey, BCG, and Bain & Co. have retained the respective top 3 spots for the third consecutive year. These are some of the oldest organisations with a rock-solid reputation. McKinsey tends to be more well-known as it is the oldest of the top-3 and has the largest workforce. A.T. Kearny has edged over Deloitte to go into 4th place. Strategy&, which was acquired by PwC in 2014, has risen from the last of the top-10 to the 6th position.

The overall list for this year, barring the switch in rankings, remains the same as that of 2016. There are no new entrants to the list.

B) Current Students

For Current Students, Consulting roles are one of the most sought-after. If one was to refer to the Placement Reports Archives on InsideIIM, they are likely to discover that Consulting is the 2nd most preferred domain for MBA students to work in; the first being Sales and Marketing. The reasons for this preference can be the vast opportunities that exist in Consulting for faster growth, the remuneration, quality of lifestyle, variety of work that one can do, campus engagement drives, etc.
In this year’s report, McKinsey and Bain & Co. have both edged over BCG this year. Oliver Wyman, Alvarez & Marsal, and Arthur D. Little are the new entrants to the list, while TSMG finds itself absent from the top-10.

C) Post – MBA Professionals:

In the list of preferences of Post- MBA Professionals, 3 new Entrants make their way into the top-10; namely Arthur D. Little, Roland Berger, and Parthenon Group. PwC, jointly with Ernst & Young, find themselves absent from the top-10. Perhaps the Current Students in touch with the Alumni network have been influenced by the very similar perception of these organisations. TSMG, Oliver Wyman and PwC were all dropping in the ranks from 2015 onwards and as expected, they are not a part of 2017’s List.

ASPIRANTS Desirability on a scale of 0 to 100 CURRENT STUDENTS Desirability on a scale of 0 to 100 POST – MBA PROFESSIONALS Desirability on a scale of 0 to 100
Mckinsey & Co. 92.62 Mckinsey & Co. 95.08 Mckinsey & Co. 97.33
Boston Consulting Group 87.69 Bain & Co. 89.88 Boston Consulting Group 89.78
Bain & Co. 79.79 Boston Consulting Group 88.84 Bain & Co. 86.33
A.T.Kearney 73.48 A.T.Kearney 81.8 A.T.Kearney 82.44
Deloitte /Deloitte Consulting 70.29 Deloitte /Deloitte Consulting 71.9 Accenture/Accenture Management Consulting 81.89
Strategy& (Booz & Co.) 70 Strategy& (Booz & Co.) 71.54 Strategy& (Booz & Co.) 73
Ernst & Young 69.9 Accenture/Accenture Management Consulting 68.46 Deloitte /Deloitte Consulting 70.11
KPMG US/KPMG Advisory 69.67 Alvarez & Marsal 63.98 Arthur D.Little 67.44
Accenture/Accenture Management Consulting 65.9 Arthur D.Little 63.42 Roland Berger 65.89
PwC/PwC Consulting 65.57 Oliver Wyman 61.68 Parthenon Group 63

You can refer to last year’s report here.

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