The (Said Or Unsaid) Rules At IIM Indore

Now that I am about to complete the first year at IIM Indore, I can proudly say “Been there, done that”. Through this coveted space, I’d like to give the world a sneak peak into what goes on at IIM Indore. So, here it goes:

Thou shall maintain minimum 80% attendance or else there will be a grade cut: 

In IIM Indore, a GPA (out of 4.33) is awarded for every subject. This is because each subject has different components like quizzes, midterm, end term, class participation, assignment submission and case analysis, and each component has a different weight. Suppose one obtains a GPA of 3.5, with one grade cut the GPA will be 3.25, and with every subsequent grade cut, the GPA will further reduce by 0.25.

Thou shall wear anything except shorts and funky printed T-Shirts in college:

There is no fixed dress code here, but on should avoid wearing shorts and funky printed T-Shirts. Though it’s not forbidden, you’ll get a lot of unwanted attention from not only students but professors as well. It also looks unprofessional.

Thou shall take permission from PGP office before taking a leave.

If you are going to miss classes and leave campus, you’ll have to take permission from the PGP chair. A form has to be downloaded and relevant documents are supposed to be attached with the form before submitting it.

Thou shall hold atleast one Position of Responsibility (POR):

Though it is a fad, it does have many advantages. You’ll get real-world experience of managing events and activities, you’ll also improve your teamwork. You are supposed to mention your PORs in your resume. It also gives you something to talk about during your interviews.

Thou shall be diplomatic (whether you like it or not):

Networking is the most important thing for an MBA. If you are good at networking, half the battle is won. PGP office divides each section (of approximately 70) students) into groups of 7 to 8 people for the purpose of assignments and presentations. And these groups change every semester. So this way, PGP office ensures that each student has worked with a maximum number of other students. It is also recommended that one should build a rapport with seniors. They give valuable insights about interview questions, assignments, exam patterns etc.

Thou shall not indulge in a malpractice called plagiarism:

Don’t even think about it. The professors use plagiarism detector software to check for plagiarism. A friend of mine had copied his assignment in one of the courses. The professor failed him in the assignment component.

Thou shall not sleep more than 4 hours:

People hardly sleep here. There are so many things to do! Assignment submissions, prereads (for the next day’s lecture), competitions, Chilling out with friends, downloading and watching TV Shows.

Thou shall religiously complete the pre-reads:

Every subject has a component called “Class Participation”. It has a weightage of 10-20% percent. Those who give meaningful inputs are awarded points for that component. Like all other subjects, Class participation is also graded at the end of the term.

Thou shall enter the campus before 11:30 PM or sleep outside the campus:

IIM Indore has a deadline at 11:30PM for entering the campus. You may go out at any any time, but you’re not allowed to enter after the deadline. This is all the more reason for a night-out 😛

Thou shall show your college ID while entering and exiting thru the main gate:

The security here is extremely tight. Every vehicle entering and exiting the campus is checked and also the guard on duty ensures that you are carrying your ID card. You cannot enter or exit without your ID Card.

Thou shall only get an off on national holidays:

During engineering, we used to receive approximately 4 months of holidays (including all holidays) every year. In MBA, we receive less than one month of holiday in a year. We only get a one week holiday after each semester and 3 national holidays, that’s all. This was one of the most shocking things I came across after joining an IIM.



Ansh is enrolled in Post graduate programme (16-18 batch) at IIM Indore. He has done btech in mechanical engineering from MNIT Jaipur. His interests include quizzing, photography and playing table tennis. He also writes occasionally on Quora.

Ansh Kathpalia

Ansh is an alum of IIM Indore. He has done B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur. He completed his summer internship at Samsung Electronics. He is a KPMG Six Sigma Green Belt Holder.




Unfortunately this paints a very grim and misleading picture of IIM Indore or at least what it was in 2015. Don’t think so much can change in a year.

Jasmine Kaur

Some of the points are completely untrue (dress code, having to sleep outside if you’re late). And some are simply your personal opinions which are not resonated by most people at IIM Indore because there are simple and legitimate ways to dodge things like attendance approvals, plagiarism check and getting enough sleep.